Proudly serving the United States and beyond
Proudly serving the United States and beyond

Beginners off grid solar and wind workshop class

Below is a detailed breakdown of the class and if choosing to bring your own components to assemble during the class workshop please contact us in adavance so we can help you fully preapre the right items to bring.


2 day Class Breakdown

Both days will be from 9 AM to 5 PM with an hour lunch break at 12


Solar portion

  • Sizing your system
  • Basic electricity
  • Solar panel types and solar basics
  • how to install on roofs and ground mounts
  • How to do wire runs and drops
  • Charging systems and assembly
  • Battery bank types and setups
  • Inverter and inverter DC/AC wiring
  • System maintinance and troubleshooting


Wind portion


  • Types of turbines
  • How to assemble a turbine
  • types of turbine mounts
  • how to assembly and wire a brake swtich
  • brake to charging systems
  • battery bank tie in and dump loads
  • turbine maintinance and repair


You are welcome to bring and assemble all charging system components and inverter components along with some wiring for solar and wind in shop only while attending the class.



Note if using Off Grid Contracting for future construction the $500.00 wiring fee will be waived from you install cost as a credit for taking the class.



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