Proudly serving the United States and beyond
Proudly serving the United States and beyond

Portable solar/wind system in EMP protective encasement

In this custom build project we made a portable solar/wind system into a EMP protective encasement for a portable application. To view this build video on YouTube click here

Ballast ground mount solar array for off grid cabin with propane  generator back up

In this install we did  ballast ground mount solar array for a customers off grid cabin. To view this install on YouTube click here

3.2KW solar array install on carport

In this install we do an addition of 3.2KW of solar to a customers exisiting solar system by adding additional panels to their newly built carport. To view the build click here and to view te orginal install on their cargo container home click here

Complete off grid homestead renovation solar portion

This customer project consisted of a 3 part renovation of an exiisting off grid homestead. The solar portion we under took as well for a renovation along with two water supply projects. To view the solar portion on YouTube click here and also for the rain catchment video click here or for the remote pumping station click here

Workshop solar backup generator install for freezer and tools power

This was for a workshop backup solar for emergenecy freezer power in this install we did for the customer.  To view the install video on YouTube click here

1.1KW solar/propane back power system for barn

This install was a 1.1KW setup for conjuction power backup with a propane generator for a barn. The customer is completely off grid onw by hving the solar as the primary feed first with generator back up if needed. To view the install on YouTube click here

6.3KW Off Grid solar and wind power system install  Part:1 Solar portion

In this install we did a solar/wind split system where that the solar was complimented with two wind turbines to the charging of the battery bank for additional feed for power input. For the video of the solar portion you can click here to view on youtube and also for the wind portion click here

1.6 KW Off Grid Solar back up power system install

In this video is a tour of 1.6 Kw solar back up power system we did for a customer to run critical loads for their home in case of emergency. To view this install on YouTube Click Here 

Also here is an update visit Click Here


Off Grid mountain top 7.2 KW solar install

On this project we installed a 7.2 KW solar system for a customer to run many off grid applications including a water heater, well pump, lighting and more. This system took roughly one week to install for the client and was a very fun project on a mountain top. To watch this build project from start to finish on YouTube click here

2.8KW solar Grid Tie system 90% install 

This install was for a Grid-Tie application. Off Grid Contracting assisted in bringing this project to the 90% completion mark so that the local utilities could finialize the install. By doing so the customer was able to save a massive amount of labor cost. To veiw this install from start to finish on YouTube Click Here

Ground mount Solar install Top of pole mounts style 

This install of 1KW was custom mounted on top of pole mounts assembled on site by Off Grid Contracting.  To view these mounts Click Here to see them at the location on YouTube

Off grid solar install on cargo container home in tropics

This install consisted of a 3K solar array ballast mounted to the roof of the container home. The system was designed to allow the home to run off grid with the option of still using the grid feed power. To watch the build video on YouTube CLICK HERE

Grid-Tie solar tear down and relocation shipment service project

This unique customer project was a tear down job and packing for shipment for a customer moving to another state. The system was a Grid-Tie system but the interconnection service was disconnected to utility company so we could begin tear down. The customer wanted to take their solar system with them from TN to their new residence so we took down the 10K system packed it up for shipment and then delivered it to the customer in PA. To watch the tear down and packing video on YouTube CLICK HERE

Solar install for Off Grid emergency back up power

This install consisted of a 1K solar system wired at 48 volt for back up off grid emergency power and also to run a water heater DC powered. No video provided for this install for customer privacy.

Roof Mount Solar system for off grid refridgeration backup power

This install consisted of a small 48 volt solar system specifically designed to run a refridgeration setup as backup power for the client and also run constant with a inline inverter charger setup that will backup the solar system should there be an absence of solar input or extra cloudy days with solar input disrupted. No video provided with this install for customer privacy.

Ground Mount Solar system and Wind Turbine barn mount

This install was built using Missouri Wind and Solar components 7/2/15-7/3/15. The install consisted of 900 watts of solar and a wind turbine for supplemental power also mounted on the adjacent barn. The install supports the barn for off grid power and also for a nearby camper. The future addition to the property will be powered by the install also. To watch the build video on YouTube CLICK HERE

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