Proudly serving the United States and beyond
Proudly serving the United States and beyond

F.A.Q. (Freqeuntly Asked Questions)

Q.  Are you strictly off grid or will you do things that are on the grid?


A. We will do some Grid Tie or On the Grid work just contact us in regard to the construction needs.



Q. What services do you offer for going off grid?


A. Our services/pricing page has in depth information on this question and anything you do not see ask us we may be able to build it!



Q. What forms of payment do you accept?


A. We accept cashiers check, personal check (some exceptions apply), cash for payments of work/projects

     As of 12/1/16 we no longer accept Paypal as a form of payment other than consultation



Q. Will I need build permits and etc. like normal to do off grid construction?


A. Some projects require permits and etc. by law just contact us as that we can give you a clearer answer based on what you are planning to build and where you are located.


Q. What is your lead time on Jobs?


A. It varys as that it is normal to have a 3 to 4 week lead time in the summer months and about a 2 week lead time in the winter months. It is best to book with us a job about 3 to 4 weeks always before you plan for us to come out due to the high demand.


Q. Where will you go to work?


A. We will go anywhere in the world just contact us about your project we are not afraid to go anywhere as long as it pays and we can get the required legal documents and permits. We love adventure seriously!



Q. Is my privacy protected?


A. Absoultely its one of the main things we want to provide our customers is an  excellent job done and customer service without compromising the security of our clients.



Q. Is my construction I contract with you safe?


A. Yes, first off we are licensed and always seeking to aquire more licensing whenever possible. We also partner with specific licensed and insured partners in the build when needed and we always make certian to do our upmost to operate within the codes, permits, laws and etc. needed to make sure you insurance is not in jepardy at anytime.

**Insurance being reapplied for the 2019 year through new provider.


Q.Can I do part of the work myself and you finish it/start it customer finish?


A. Yes and No, Yes if it relates to almost anything to do with off grid living other than alternative energy. No we do not do partial work on alternative energy projects, it is either we do all the work or we do no work at all because the insurance risk and liabilitys are to high. It creates a situation and risk where that later down the road it could be dangerous and put peoples lives at risk.  


Q. Will you beat others pricing?


A. Yes we will go above and beyond the call of duty to not only beat our competitors but destroy any possible chance of competition with us. With that said we are not a Non-profit so do not ask the rock bottom price when we are already at rock bottom in the business. Our goal is not to be the richest off grid business but the best quality.



Q. Do you sell parts or are you a labor only entity?


A. We do NOT sell parts we are strictly a labor entity but with that said we do have an incredible network or suppliers that we get huge discounts direct to our customers therefore cutting out the middle man and also keeping warranty direct to the supplier/customer without any worry of upsells or parts mark ups like many contractors.


Q. You say you do NOT sell parts but you have a customs shop?


A. We do have a "shop" but it is for custom prefabricated systems or items that we can construct in house and ship to you saving us both time and money. From time to time you may find some items such as solar panels or etc. up for offer due to us being able to aquire a really unique deal that we are just passing on to others to help a vendor or etc.



Q. Do we have to buy parts from your suppliers or can we buy them anywhere?


A. You can purchase your materials anywhere you want to and we will be glad to bolt it down as long as it is at least CE or UL listed and is either made in the USA or the EU when it comes to anything to do with Alternative energy or water solutions.  Any other services we offer as long as the equipment is durable and will last you a long time we will be glad to bolt it down for you. Please keep in mind though using some of our suppliers we work with can result in considerable savings for you on your install so we encourage you to always weigh all options before purchasing anything.



Q. Do you charge service Tax on installs?


A. Currently we only charge service tax to TN customers only, If you are out of state or Country we do not at this time.


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