Proudly serving the United States and beyond
Proudly serving the United States and beyond

Portable solar/wind system in EMP protective encasement

In this custom build project we made a portable solar/wind system into a EMP protective encasement for a portable application. To view this build video on YouTube click here

Custom Portable Solar Generator

This was a custom build for a customer to have a portable solar generator unit for emergency use on the go but still also be able to use it at their home now. To see this unit on YouTube Click Here

Custom Portable Wheeled Roll Off Solar Ground Mount Unit

This Off Grid Install is the combination of 200 watts of solar affixed to a portable roll off ground mount. The concept and design was to provide a portable quiclky deployable ground mount for a construction site or other applications. This project was completed 4-17-15 as a prototype design/Project Demo demostrating how we can custom fabricate systems and framework. The mount is currently used for Off Grid Greenhousing power supply. To watch the complete install on YouTube CLICK HERE

Off Grid portable ground mount unit

This is a very simple project we helped a customer that was on a budget finish to provide a portable ground solar unit for off grid power. The materials in this may be simple but it provides an affordable option for giving the customer mobility for the backwoods. The panels used in this project were 48 volt panels. To watch the build video on YouTube CLICK HERE

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